North Points asset management service is the ultimate hands-off landlord experience. Most landlords start out with the mindset to be a successful investor, only to realise that even with the help from property management services that most letting agents offer, they’re still hands-on when it comes to repairs and tenant disputes such as non-payments etc. This eats into landlord’s time, patience and most importantly, profit! This is when North Points asset management services can bridge that gap, with a fully guaranteed rental service. Landlords can benefit from complete peace of mind from anywhere between 3- 7 years, leaving the professionals to do the hard work whilst they take a guaranteed monthly profit and capital appreciation.

How our service works?

Property Management
Asset Management

Property management companies will typically charge a fee of anything between 7-15% (don’t forget the VAT if you’re not VAT registered!) They have hundreds, sometimes thousands of properties on their books and work office hours. Most working professional tenants also work office hours making communication difficult and stressful. If there is a problem with the property or the rent is late, the landlord is informed and has to decide how to pay for these problems. Over time, tenants will often reduce the value of the property as the standard of the home drops. Property managers will call the landlord to inform them the property needs updating, or even worse, let the property deteriorate increasing the risk of void periods and profits.

North points Asset Management service is different.
there are just 5 simple steps:

Step 1

A fixed monthly guaranteed income is agreed for between 3- 7 years. Absolutely guaranteed every month regardless of void periods.

Step 2

North point and the landlord sign a management agreement, taking over the complete management and maintenance of the property.

Step 3

The property is fully refurbished by our design led team, tenants are then found using our personal database of professionals. Free of charge to the landlord.

Step 4

North point pays the guaranteed rent on time every month to the landlord, we take care of all tenant duties, pay utility bills and keep the property well maintained for the period agreed.

Step 5

At the end of the management agreement, either another agreement is negotiated or the landlord receives their property back in the same or improved condition. Whilst enjoying the hands-off capital appreciation of the property.

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