Why invest in property?

Property has always been a sound stable investment and when taking the capital appreciation into account, you can create tremendous wealth over the long term. There are 2 frequently used property investment strategies, although none of them are get rich quick schemes!

Cash flow

Cash flow- investing in properties with high yields can help you reach financial freedom quickly, this can be achieved selecting the correct areas and properties. Here at North Point we have local knowledge on the best areas and strategies to help you in your investing journey.

Capital Growth

Capital Growth – History tells us that in the past properties have doubled in price on average every 9 years. Now no one can say what will happen for sure in the future but we have some very good statistics to go off. Choosing a property in a high growth area is certainly a way to build long term wealth. Using the refinance and re-invest strategy, it doesn’t have to cost you any more than your initial investment.

Our Services

North Point Property Sourcing

At North Point we like to get to know our investors, their circumstances and investment goals. This is a 1 on 1 property sourcing service where we help you choose your specific investment criteria and we hit the ground finding the investment for you. Whether you are looking for a ready to rent property or something you can add value to, we can help you throughout the process. Generally, our 1 to 1 property sourcing strikes long term relationships where we help investors build portfolios fully tailored to their goals.

Once we have your goals in mind we start our property search, where we would typically view 10- 20 properties to find the one which is just right. Properties will generally be sourced in house and off market but occasionally we will search the open market to see if any deals stand out that match your criteria.

Once we find the perfect property, we start with the negotiation process ensuring we get the property at the very best possible price.

When the price is accepted and you are happy, we will assist you with the sale, introducing you to the estate agent (unless sourced direct to vendor). We can also recommend mortgage brokers and solicitors if required.

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