Beat the banks

As we know, the current banking system isn’t in the best shape, with ISAs merely giving 2% interest, inflation is eating away at hard earned savings. If you’re:

  • Saving for a house
  • Have cash savings from inheritance or a sold business
  • Simply want a better return than the banks are offering

High fixed return

We make property investment simple and achievable for investors who simply haven’t got the time or expertise. Investors can benefit from passive income on a fixed term. We generally pay 8-10% interest depending on investment amount, all investments are fully secured against assets or personal guarantees.

North Point Joint Ventures

Occasionally we offer investors the chance to become a joint venture on our own projects. Typically, the investor would put in the capital and we would do all the work with a 50/50 split. Any cash released on refinance would be returned to investor and we try to get all the capital back out of our projects. We are very mindful who we work with as a joint venture but when the right investor comes along it can be very rewarding for both parties. The most important thing for us is keeping sound and profitable business relationships.
Joint venture agreements are a great way to invest in property for those who have cash to invest, but lack time or expertise. They can access great returns and passive income with little to no effort.

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